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James Teague Bio

James Teague By Darren Hanlon

“A distinct new voice is heard across the great Australian expanse, coming from the Western coast, where our sun sets each day. Perth is geographically the most remote city in the world and youngster James Teague is beaming out of it like a pen torch (candle) in an abandoned lighthouse.

His song 'Strange Birds' randomly caught my ear and it's truly rare these days when something completely unheralded commands attention from start to finish. His vocal quality is startling and expressive, idiosyncratic and colourful, and although I had my ideas, I wondered what music he's seen and heard in his short life to get to this? And the song itself, a perfectly-formed wistful paean of love. I got his number and called him and he said, “I'm not sure where I fit in? I'm feeling a bit isolated.” So I asked what his plans are and he said he didn't know that yet either. He just wants to make music and play it for people.

It's a gentle start, but Flippin Yeah will now release said song as a 7' single. On the b-side another enchanting track 'Hollow' that lists in a more tender wind. I believe we'll look back on these as early signposts to a long and interesting trajectory of a unique Australian artist.”

Discography @ Flippin Yeah Industries

FYI010 (July 2012) – Strange Birds/Hollow (7" Single with free download).

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