Darren Hanlon - Hello Stranger - Vinyl LP (FYR025)


This is the official vinyl release of Darren Hanlon's 2002 album Hello Stranger, pressed at Eco-friendly Suitcase Records in Brisbane. Hello Stranger originally only came out on CD, and so as the original art has been lost this edition has new art created by Aaron Sewards in the form of beautiful watercolours.

This album will also be available as Click and Collect from the merch desk at each of the launch shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. You can choose that option by typing the code HELLOSTRANGER in the discount section at the Checkout which will eliminate your postage fee. Please then let us know in the 'Notes and Comments' section which show you'll be attending and your parcel will be waiting for you.

All other orders will ship on Monday the 29th July.


1. Hiccups
2. The Kickstand Song
3. That's How I Know
4. He Misses you too, you Know
5. Operator... get me Sweden


1. Security Leak
2. Cast of Thousands
3. Punk's Not Dead
4. Cheat the Future
5. The Last Night of Not Knowing You

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