Darren Hanlon - Where Did You Come From? CD (FYI014)


(excluding USA. Album released on Yep Roc Records )

This new album from Darren Hanlon "Where Did You Come From" was recorded during an epic adventure in the American south in New Orleans, Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Nashville and Clarksdale, with an array of musicians he met along the way: some legends (Spooner Oldham, David Hood, Howard Grimes), and some just amazing buskers who live poor on the very streets they peddle their wares.

This new batch of songs are Hanlon's most roots based to date, but still written in his inimitable idiosyncratic style with vivid imagery, wordplay and emotion.

-100% cardboard mini gatefold wallet
-36 page lyric/photo booklet

1. Salvation Army
2. When You Go
3. Trust Your Feelings (When You Wake)
4. There's Nothing on my Mind
5. Letter From an Australian Mining Town
6. Fear of the Civil War
7. My Love is an Ocean Away
8. Manhole Cover Tap
9. The Chattanooga Shoot Shoot
10. The Will of the River
11. Awkward Dancer
12. Halley's Comet, 1986
13. Shine A Light

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