Anthonie Tonnon - Successor CD (FYI015)


First release in Australia for our good friend from across the pond, Anthonie Tonnon (NZ). Folk might remember Anthonie from his support sets on Darren's Xmas tour last year. Here's some more reading:

In his first shows under his own name, New Zealand songwriter and performer Anthonie Tonnon (formerly of the band Tono and The Finance Company) started performing “A Friend From Argentina” - a song that put listeners in the shoes of an Auckland dealer on the receiving end of an ill-fated shipment of cocaine. Influenced by long-form journalism on New Zealand’s unusual drug trade, the song set the tone of what would become Successor. The album is driven by second-person narratives inside the kinds of flawed characters Randy Newman might have written about in first-person in the 1970s - 'The Songs Of Your Youth,' the civic-­minded spin inside the head of a frustrated librarian in 'Railway Lines,' or the juxtaposed values of a cocaine dealing family man in 'A Friend From Argentina.'

1. Railway Lines
2. Bird Brains
3. Sugar in the Petrol Tank
4. The Songs of Your Youth
5. Water Underground
6. A Friend From Argentina
7. Mt Cargill
8. The Capital
9. Dumpster Diving

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