The Grand Magoozi - (Self Titled) Vinyl LP (FYI016)


The Grand Magoozi’s debut album was recorded live over three days in the living room of Australian recording luminary, Nick Huggins (Two Bright Lakes/Little Lake). The album used old style recording techniques and equipment to capture the warm timbre found in 1950-60’s recordings, including an old American made 60’s mic belonging to the Eagles frontman, Glenn Frey. The Grand Magoozi, whose classic sound is rooted in folk, blues and country, recorded eight original compositions by front woman Susie Scurry.

Recording the album live was a deliberate undertaking which had its rewards. In each track there were unique moments– sometimes it was birds chirping in the background, a car going past, or an unusual note was sung, taking the band dynamic to an unknown place, giving the album its unique lustre.

The album features a host of talented local musicians such as acclaimed songwriter Tobias Hengeveld on guitar, Chris Bolton from Seagull on drums, Lochie Bradfield from Ah Puch! on double bass, as well as Cayn Borswick on alto saxaphone (NoZu).

Side A
1. The Last Cowboy
2. Come On
3. Pinkie Blues
4. The Birds

Side B
1. Paul Newman
2. I Don't Wanna Grow Up
3. Invisible Cord
4. Banjo Song

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