Hugh F - Do You Have a Minute? - vinyl LP (FYR021)


Please note, this is Pre-Order only. The vinyl edition of Hugh F's album 'Do You Have a Minute' will be released on April 22nd.

Hot on the heels of his debut album 'Childhood Reunion' Hugh F is releasing a follow up album of 34 one-minute songs. These tunes were initially intended for recording exercise purposes, but they got numerous enough to be considered a cohesive collection of songs. The album showcases Hugh F's versatile songwriting skills and the breadth of his vast imagination. 'Do You Have a Minute' is teeming with a colourful spectrum of musical genres.

1. Co-Star
2. Castle Hill
3. Money Man
4. Man out on The Road
5. I'm Not a Deadbeat
6. I'm Not Your Father
7. Trying to Forget You
8. Get Outta My Grill
9. Bedroom Sit
10. What Would I Know About You?
11. Winter City Girl
12. Family Dinner
13. Scrambled Eggs
14. Two of Us
15. Leave Me Here
16. Connie Didn't Listen
17. Be Still
18. I Can't Get to Sleep
19. Quiet, Lazy Life
20. Dad Explains Planes
21. Grand Designs
22. The Sims 2
23. Overload
24. Fix My Feet
25. Share House Scene
26. Measure Up
27. Short and Sweet
28. Crazy Little Bird
29. Goodbye
30. Slaughterhouse
31. You Will Remember Love
32. The Sun Just Keeps on Rising
33. Hillside
34. Woman Up the Street

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