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Darren Hanlon - Electric Skeleton 7" (FYI001)

  • Darren Hanlon - Electric Skeleton 7" (FYI001)

01. Electric Skeleton
02. Butterfly Bones

This is the end result of the Song Title Competition held on Darrens website earlier this year. Two titles were chosen out of 200+ entries and songs were built up around them.

Every 7' is unique in that each cover is cut from an actual x-ray. Choose your favorite limb or ribcage.

The A side 'Electric Skeleton' is a strut down T.rex street stopping at the corner store to buy some Roxy Music. It features a backing band of Melbourne musicians Laura Jean, Pikelet and Louise Paolacci.

Laid back B side cousin 'Butterfly Bones' is a sad kiss-on-the-cheek goodbye between two companions late on a New Years Eve.