Darren Hanlon - Pointing Ray Guns At Pagans (FYI002)


01. Electric Skeleton
02. And the Days Were Just Packed
03. Eli Wallach
04. My Life A Blur
05. Pinball Millionaire
06. The Perfect Day
07. Yes, There is a Slight Chance He Might Actually Fail
08. the Loaf
09. Lights
10. Funpark Fugitives
11. Two Days in A Foreign City
12. Happy Birthday (for Yesterday)
13. Video Party Sleepover
14. Notes on Leaving
15. Spend Christmas Day with Me

A melange of disparate tracks cherry picked from Darren's 9-year career as a solo performer. From his first ever recorded song, ‘Funpark Fugitives’ to the most recent limited-edition single ‘Electric Skeleton’ as well as unreleased versions of ‘Pinball Millionaire’ and ‘Eli Wallach’ which has a surprise guest vocal from the Magnetic Fields Claudia Gonson.

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