Darren Hanlon - Hello Stranger (CAN2522)



01. Hiccups
02. the Kickstand Song
03. That's How I Know
04. He Misses You Too, You Know
05. Operator... get me Sweden
06. Security Leak
07. Cast of Thousands
08. Punk's not Dead
09. Cheat the Future
10. The Last Night of Not Knowing You

After hearing the first album by Sydney band “Sun” Darren sought out its creator Chris Townend (producer of Portishead) to work on his latest travelogue of songs. Luckily he agreed and the friendship was stretched enough to let the recently homeless Hanlon sleep in the studio as well.

'Hello Stranger' would herald the beginnings of the working relationship between Darren and drummer Bree Van Reyk who would tour and record together from then on. Other songs saw collaboration with some of Sydneys Experimental Music luminaries, Harpist Clare Cooper (founder of the Now Now Festival) and Oren Ambarchi. Primarily a renowned electronic guitarist, Ambarchi was persuaded to jam unrehearsed drum tracks to 'Operator…Get me Sweden' and 'Punks Not Dead that brought to life both songs. Frida Eklund (Alma, Little Eiffel) takes lead vocal for a tender reading of 'Cast of Thousands.'
After the success of 'Falling Aeroplanes' radio were quick to choose 'Punks Not Dead' as a follow up single.

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