Darren Hanlon - Little Chills (CAN2540)


01. Wrong Turn
02. A to Z
03. Ends of the City
04. I Wish That I was Beautiful for You
05. the Unmade Bed
06. Winter Takes Fall
07. (There's Not Enough Songs About) Squash
08. Service Station
09. Brooklyn Bridge
10. Record Store

A fortnight or so in Tucson Arizona delivered ‘Little Chills’, named after the Ice-cream parlour run by Mexican children underneath Wavelab Studios.

In between trips to the desert and eating catfish burritos Darren and drummer Bree Van Reyk played the bulk of the parts themselves on this album enlisting a few special guests including Doug McCoombs (Tortoise) and Nick Luca who were both bored hanging round the studio.
Recorded by Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Giant Sand, Neko Case), this albums highlights include the singles 'I wish that I was Beautiful For you' and 'A to Z.'

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