David Dondero - #Zero With A Bullet (FYI008)


01. Jesus From 12 to 6
02. Caught The Song
03. Just A Baby In Your Momma's Eyes
04. # Zero With A Bullet
05. It's Peaceful Here
06. Carolina Moon
07. Wherever You Go MP3
09. Job Boss
10. All These Fishies Swimmin' Through My Head

* Exclusive Australian Edition: Digipak featuring 16 page lyric and story book

Few songwriters have experienced and expressed the sinking depths and uplifting optimism of humanity like David Dondero. This is the seventh installment in a series of words put to soundscape which paints the picture of David’s life. Jobs, love affairs, battles with bottle and so on. The title (# Zero with a Bullet), yeah, he knows where he stands in the game. His ability to shine a light on the human condition (his own included) is inspiring.

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